Historic corporation income tax reform passed

The corporation income tax reform package in SB 884 consists of only four provisions: mandatory use of the single sales factor formula (as modified a few years ago, with no throwback/throwout), a provision altering the DOR to not require a bond for sales/use tax licenses, a definition of “net general revenue for purposes of SB 509 tax cuts, and a corporation income rate reduction from 6.25% to 4%.

SB 884 was Truly Agreed and Finally Passed as changes made in the Senate were adopted by the Missouri House in the final hours of the legislative session by a vote of 96-42.

“Associated Industries is proud of the hard work of all legislators to come up with a tax reform package that truly reduces income tax liability for Missouri businesses – both those that report their income on the corporation income tax return, and those that report their income on individual income tax returns,” said Ray McCarty, president/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We thank Sen. Koenig, Sen. Eigel, Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr, Rep. Wiemann, Rep. Curtman and all others that helped make these bills a reality, as well as the hard work of AIM lobbyist Chuck Pierce without whose constant guidance these cuts would not be possible,” he said.

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Ray McCarty

Proud to be the President/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri in Jefferson City, Missouri. We fight on behalf of Missouri businesses in the State Capitol.