Both gubernatorial candidates started off as members of the opposite party


article-ogEric Greitens, Republican and former registered Democrat, will face Chris Koster, Democrat and former Republican Senator, as 2016 gubernatorial candidates. It’s an interesting dynamic, to say the least.

Greitens, who served four tours of duty as a Navy SEAL officer, shared on the F140607_0060ox News Opinion section that although he was born and raised a Democrat, he switched parties as an adult because liberals are “world-class hypocrites.” His column goes into depth on his decision, accusing liberals of spending other peoples’ money and slamming career politicians.

Koster, on the other hand, who was a Republican chairman of the Senate’s GOP caucus, abruptly switched to the other party as his popularity was rising. Koster disagreed with Missouri Republicans’ desire to criminalize early-stage stem-cell research, so he declared that the party not only “tolerates [that] lunacy, but embraces it.”

It’s going to be an interesting November for both the nation and the state.