Washington Post: EPA rules cumbersome and expensive.

A Washington Post (8/25) editorial that is critical of Congress for not being proactive about passing environmental policies in response to climate change argues that President Obama has “filled the policy void with executive actions designed to cut greenhouse emissions” through rules by the EPA. The Post characterizes the rules as “a cumbersome and expensive way to slash emissions.” It suggests that “industry may press for more efficient policies that sting companies and consumers less,” and the Post says they will be adding their voice to the debate to point out strategies that work better and explain why the EPA’s efforts “are not ideal.” NAM Urges EPA To Step Back From Emissions Regulations. The NAM’s Shopfloor (8/26) blog post says that the Washington Post editorial “could do worse” than to call the new regulations “cumbersome” and “expensive.” These words were “repeatedly heard” from the industries to be affected by the regulations during hearings on the rule in July. The blog

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Eight Missouri cities named “best places for business and careers” by Forbes

This comes to us from the Missouri Department of Economic Development Eight Missouri cities have been named to the Forbes 2014 lists of The Best Places for Business and Careers and The Small Places for Business and Careers. The 16th annual ranking of The Best Places for Business and Careers looks at the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas and divisions in the U.S. Three Missouri cities made the list: Kansas City came in at No. 36; St. Louis came in at No. 85; and Springfield came in at No. 115. Five other Missouri cities made the list of The Best Small Places for Business and Careers: Columbia came in at No. 6; Cape Girardeau came in at No. 75; St. Joseph came it at No. 93; Jefferson City came in at No. 123; and Joplin came in at No. 134. To determine both rankings, Forbes looked at 12 metrics relating to job growth, income growth over the past five years,

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NAM And Boeing in coalition to reauthorize Ex-Im Bank

The Hill (8/28, Cirilli) reports that Boeing is “partnering with major business organizations,” including the NAM, in a “very broad coalition” to support reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank. The airplane manufacturer is “pulling out all the stops in an aggressive campaign” to save the Bank before its charter expires on Sept. 30. McCaskill Tours Manufacturers To Raise Support For Ex-Im Bank. The Columbia (MO) Missourian (8/28) reports that Missouri companies “are counting on Congress to reauthorize” the Export-Import Bank in order to support their international business activities. Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Roy Blunt (D-MO), and Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) have each “spoken in favor of renewing the bank.” McCaskill visited a manufacturer on Wednesday “to rally support for the bank.” The PoliticMo (8/27, Yokley) reports that McCaskill visited Environmental Dynamics International, a customer of the Ex-Im Bank, “as part of a statewide campaign this week to raise awareness” about the need for the Bank. “It’s providing a competitive advantage

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McCaskill emphasizes importance of Ex-Im Bank during tour of Missouri manufacturers

As the deadline nears for the reinstatement of funds for the Export-Import Bank, Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill toured the state to emphasize the bank’s importance to the state’s manufacturers. During a whirlwind tour, McCaskill visited manufacturers in Springfield, Columbia, St. Louis and Kansas City among other stops. This story from the Kansas City public radio station is typical of the coverage McCaskill got during her tour.

AIM’s Manufacturing Jobs Act continues to produce for Missouri

A Missouri-based parts supplier announces more automotive industry jobs for Missouri in the wake of  Associated Industries of Missouri’s “Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act of 2010”. The latest example is Spartan Light Metal Products, an automotive parts supplier, which will break ground on an expansion to its existing facility in Mexico, Mo. It will create 88 new jobs and a capital investment of $17 million to purchase new equipment and retool the company’s growing facility. Spartan will use a combination of strategic state incentives that the company can receive if it meets strict job creation and investment criteria. The company is the latest auto industry-related business to announce an expansion or relocation to Missouri to take advantage of the climate created by the passage of AIM’s “Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act of 2010”, sponsored in the legislature by former State Rep. Jerry Nolte. The act was the centerpiece of the 2010 special session of the Missouri General Assembly. It has been used

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Senator Bob Dixon announces tax oversight hearing in Springfield

Encourages residents to attend and share testimony JEFFERSON CITY — Today (8-22), Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, announced the Senate Interim Committee on Tax Administration Practices will hold a hearing in Springfield to hear from taxpayers, small business owners, and other individuals about their experiences with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). The committee will meet at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, in the Bill Foster North Room at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, 202 S. John Q Hammons Parkway. Those interested in testifying are encouraged to contact the offices of Sen. Dixon or the committee chairman, Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit. “The work of this committee occurs at a critical time,” stated Sen. Dixon.  “Prompted by troubling situations involving the Revenue Department right here in Springfield, I’ve pushed legislation this year to provide greater clarity in our tax law and increase transparency and accountability in tax collection, placing the burden on government, where it should be. These

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Business leaders gather for discussion on the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”

“This is the main event. We’re having a national discussion of ‘What do we want to be when we grow up?’” That’s how long-time Washington lobbyist Fred Palmer, the Senior Vice President of Government Relations for Peabody Energy summed up the current proposed EPA rules and regulation on carbon emissions from coal-fired power generating plants. Palmer joined Warren Wood, Vice President of External Affairs & Communications for Ameren Missouri, in addressing more than a dozen Missouri business leaders Thursday during a “lunch and learn” event at Associated Industries of Missouri in Jefferson City. Wood told the crowd that the compressed timeline would require the utility to build more capacity than is necessary simply due to the EPA’s requirement to build more natural gas fired generating plants and the forced retirement of coal-burning plants. Wood said if the timeline were extended by several years, the targets in the regulation would be more achievable and would make more economic sense, although costs

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Stakeholders recommend DNR operating permit filing fee and emission fee increases – DNR scales back plan

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today held another in a series of stakeholder meetings to discuss permit fee and emission fee increases.  Previous stakeholder meetings were held April 24, May 19, and June 16 on the same subject and the stakeholders participating in those meetings had recommended fee increases for both permits and emissions fees. DNR says the fee increases are necessary to keep the air pollution compliance program funded.  The original proposed fee increases as recommended by stakeholders participating in the previous meetings would have boosted the emission fees from the current level of $40 per ton to $44 per ton in June 2016 and $53 per ton in June 2017.  Stakeholders participating in the meetings also recommended increases in the biennial air pollution operating permit filing fees for basic permits from the current $100 to $500 and for “Intermediate” and “P70” permits from the current $100 to $6,000. While the participating stakeholders were comfortable with the recommended fee increases, the DNR

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Congressional action on EPA regulations encouraged

The Daily Caller (8/20, Fricke) reported online about the Heritage Foundation brief released yesterday arguing that Congress should “reassert its authority over the Environmental Protection Agency” through its appropriation powers, especially on “three issues on which the EPA” has supposedly exceeded its regulatory authority including Greenhouse Gas Regulations and new Ozone standards. In its report, the Heritage Foundation stated that “EPA is using the regulatory process to require greenhouse gas emission reductions even as Congress has been unwilling to take such drastic actions.” The article also cites the NAM study saying that the estimated cost of a new Ozone standard is $270 billion per year, making the potential new regulations “the costliest in history.” The article notes that this number is much higher than the EPA’s prediction that the new regulations would only cost $90 billion a year. Breaking Energy (8/19) reports that information based on the NAM study of proposed stricter Ozone standards show that every parish in Louisiana

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NAM ads tout new ozone study in key Senate states

Politico Morning Energy writes that the National Association of Manufacturers is moving into three states with critical Senate races with new radio and digital ads labeling potential EPA ozone regulations as devastatingly costly. NAM released a report last month concluding that an ozone standard of 60 parts per billion could slash GDP by $270 billion annually while increasing energy costs and cutting jobs. The ad in Kentucky praises Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for “fighting the special interests every step of the way,” while spots in North Carolina and Colorado chastise Sens. Kay Hagan and Mark Udall for “letting Washington bureaucrats run our energy policy.” The spots urge listeners to call the Senators and tell them to “say no to unrealistic and costly new energy regulations.” You can listen to the ads here: http://documents.nam.org/comm/ozone/nam-ozone-ads.html Column: Proposed EPA Regulations Are A Bad Bet. Columnist Bruce Edward Walker writes in the Mt. Pleasant (MI) Morning Sun (8/20) that if the EPA is

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