Plan now to attend AIM’s Manufacturing Excellence Conference and Tax Cut Rally

It’s time to take action to grow your business. That’s the key point to the upcoming Manufacturing Excellence Conference and Tax Cut Rally September 10 and 11, hosted by Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) and the Missouri Center for Manufacturing Excellence (MCME). The conference features free registration, and will be held at the Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center in downtown Jefferson City. AIM president Ray McCarty says conference topics will be centered around preparing your business and a prospective Missouri workforce for the growing and changing economy. “Manufacturing as a whole is experiencing a bit of a rebound, and that’s good,” said McCarty. “But what are we doing to make Missouri more attractive so that we retain and grow our manufacturing base?” Part of that retention and growth is the development of a skilled workforce, trained to meet the demands of the modern manufacturer. That’s where the Missouri Center for Manufacturing Excellence comes in. The MCME will be introduced

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Koster ruling surprising, but only one piece in tax cut opposition’s Doomsday scenario

Tax experts may be surprised by Attorney General Chris Koster’s opinion that a provision in HB 253 would apply retroactively.  The decision states that if certain conditions are met, language in HB 253 would retroactively change the income tax rate and allow taxpayers refunds of income taxes previously paid. “General Koster’s opinion seems contrary to the normal course of action for the Attorney General whose constitutional duty requires him to represent the state in disputes over taxes,” said Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty.  “Usually, taxpayers are asking the courts to grant an exemption or lower taxes and the Attorney General argues against such claims – against taxpayers and in favor of the government.  I hope taxpayers are able to use this opinion in future disputes with the state over retroactive tax benefits.” The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled in other tax cases that taxpayers may not avail themselves of tax benefits for periods before those benefits were enacted.  But the Attorney General has issued his opinion that taxpayers

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NAM: GM promises nearly autonomous vehicles before end of decade

The AP (8/29) reports General Motors says it will starting selling nearly autonomous vehicles before the end of the decade. Yesterday, engineers displayed the “Super Cruise” system for journalists at GM’s testing grounds in Milford, Michigan. GM’s system “uses radar and cameras to steer the car and keep it between lane lines.”

Toyota Bodine expands facility, plans more jobs in Troy

Associated Industries of Missouri member company Toyota Bodine announced Thursday it will invest $3 million into its facility in Troy. The investment will allow the plant to expand and to add 35 new employees. The city of Troy is doing its part by improving the road that leads to the facility. “We appreciate the support from the state and city that helped make this expansion possible, and look forward to many more prosperous years to come in Troy,” said Bob Lloyd, president of Bodine Aluminum. Bodine Aluminum was originally founded in St. Louis in 1912 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1990, the company opened a 14,000-sq. ft. plant to supply automotive parts for Toyota Motor Manufacturing. Currently, the plant covers 500,000 sq. ft. and 465 employees manufacture four cylinder, six cylinder and eight cylinder aluminum castings as well as transmission cases and housing parts for Toyota plants throughout North America.

McCarty debates school district officials on HB 253

Recently, Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty had the chance to debate the merits of House Bill 253 with North Kansas City Schools Superintendent Todd White and Liberty Public Schools Superintendent John Jungmann at a forum hosted by the Clay County Economic Development Council. Read an article about the forum in the Gladstone Dispatch.

Good news for Boeing

Some good news for Associated Industries of Missouri Circle of Elite Organizations’ member The Boeing Company. The company announced Thursday it had entered into a letter of intent to sell 65 new airplanes to WestJet Airlines. Read the company’s release here.

Manufacturing in Kansas City Region improved in August

The Kansas City (MO) Star (8/22, Rosen) reported manufacturing in the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank District improved in August. The Kansas City Fed’s monthly manufacturing index rose to eight in August from six the previous month. Chad Wilkerson, a vice president and economist at the Kansas City Fed, said, “‘Although some firms noted weakness in August associated with federal spending cuts and difficulties finding workers, we were encouraged to see another solid gain’ in the overall manufacturing index and most of its components.” The Wall Street Journal (8/22, Subscription Publication), the Wichita (KS) Eagle (8/23, Voorhis) and other media sources also cover the story.

AIM to Educators – View the Facts Reasonably

For nearly three months, our leaders in elementary and secondary and higher education have been concerned about cuts to funding.  They have been told they would lose funding if the legislature overrides Gov. Nixon’s veto of our tax cut bill.  In fact, the Governor withheld increased money that was appropriated by the legislature for education.  We ask our education leaders to examine the real facts in a reasonable manner. Opponents have claimed education would suffer a loss if the federal Marketplace Fairness Act passes Congress because of an extra one-half percent reduction in personal income tax rates.  Opponents claim this tax cut would be retroactive and allow taxpayers refunds for three previous tax years, quadrupling the cost of the rate cut to $1.2 billion.  This argument simply does not pass the “reasonableness test” when you consider everything that would have to happen to cause the enormous revenue loss predicted by those opposed to our tax cut plan.  ALL of the following would have to

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McCarty delivers commentary on statewide public affairs show

Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty recently appeared with a commentary on Missouri Viewpoints with Mike Ferguson. In it, Ray talks about the financial responsibility of the state of Missouri living within its means while jobs and individual income to grow as is the plan under House Bill 253. Missouri Viewpoints is a talk show aired on television, radio and cable stations throughout Missouri with a potential audience of more than a million viewers and listeners. The views expressed by Ray McCarty are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the show, its host, or Lindenwood University where the show is taped. To view the commentary, click on the logo below.