Senator Blunt responds to the President’s plans for the environment

Missouri  U.S. Senator Roy Blunt was quick to respond to President Obama’s proposals under his plan to combat global warming. Earlier this week, Blunt appeared at a Republican Senate news conference to charge that the President Obama’s energy policies will raise the cost of energy and cut American jobs. You can view Sen. Blunt’s remarks here.

NAM: President’s Plan – As EPA regulations increase, jobs decline

In a press release, the National Association of Manufacturers (6/26) released excerpts of a speech President and CEO Jay Timmons will delivered at the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s midyear meeting about President Obama’s plan to impose more regulations on energy producers through the Environmental Protection Agency. “President Obama today revealed his most ambitious regulatory agenda yet, one that would remake the entire US economy. During the campaign, the President regularly touted increasing manufacturing jobs, and he rightly recognized that a strong and vibrant manufacturing sector is key to robust and sustained economic growth and job creation.” Timmons said, “Unfortunately, under his watch, he seems intent on taking actions that would put manufacturing in the United States out of business. The President’s plan puts our country on a path toward the elimination of fossil fuels from our energy mix that is wholly inconsistent with his promotion of an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy plan just a few months ago.” The AP (6/25, Lederman) reports, “The National Association

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Congresswoman Ann Wagner responds to President Obama

Armed with an advanced copy of President Obama’s speech on global warming, Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-Mo. 2) took to the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives to talk about the toll the president’s policies would take on American business. You can watch Cong. Wagner’s speech here.

McCarty recounts successful trip to Washington D.C.

Our elected representatives in Congress are giving away too much authority, with no way to get it back. That’s the central message brought to Washington D.C. by the leadership of Associated Industries of Missouri during its annual trip to Capitol Hill. AIM president Ray McCarty says his group brought a long list of concerns to lawmakers on June 19 and 20. But making progress on those concerns relies on a strong legislative branch. McCarty says government bureaucrats have too much power without an appropriate check from the legislative branch. “Congress has in essence abdicated its authority to executive agencies by divesting themselves of the power to set the regulations on a number of important programs such as the health care law and environmental regulations,” said McCarty in an interview earlier this week. In the past, Congress has held the final say on unpopular bureaucratic regulations by withholding funds from the unpopular programs. But that’s not possible any more in Washington

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AIM board members take issues to Capitol Hill

Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty headed a group of business leaders as they made their annual visit to Capitol Hill this week. Leaders in the Missouri healthcare, retail, utility, manufacturing and mining industries were in attendance.  Attendees included small and large Missouri employers. All the way from sequestration’s impact on Missouri business to President Obama’s appointees to the Export-Import Bank board of directors, AIM board members made an impact while visiting the state’s congressional delegation. “This is an annual trip that AIM board members make to our nation’s capital to weigh in on issues at the federal level that are important to all Missouri businesses,” said McCarty. The touring group worked with a list of at least nine concerns they have with federal policies that affect the way Missouri employers do business. One of the main topics of conversation was the way budget sequestration is hitting the state’s vital defense contractors and sub-contractors. McCarty says the arbitrary system

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AIM president appears at Show-Me Careers Transition Institute

Matching jobs with people who can, and want to, do them…it’s the goal of the Show-Me Careers program. Associated Industries of Missouri president Ray McCarty attended the Show-Me Careers Transition Institute in Jefferson City Monday, taking part in a group discussion on increasing opportunities for young people with disabilities. “We discussed what employers are looking for,” said McCarty. “They are looking for workers with work ethic, people who will show up and value their jobs enough to continue to show up after we’ve trained them.” McCarty says AIM member industries observe that disabled workers generally value their jobs more than other workers because disabled workers have worked harder to overcome obstacles in their lives. But how do employers interested in hiring disabled workers find them and how do disabled workers get the training they need to find their way into the workplace? Solving that dilemma is one of the goals of the Show-Me Careers program. AIM is one of the

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NAM: Manufacturers meet with policymakers

In a press release, the National Association of Manufacturers (6/20) said, “More than 500 manufacturers have been in Washington, DC, this week, as part of the NAM’s Manufacturing Summit, to urge members of Congress and the Administration to implement pro-manufacturing policies that will help manufacturers grow and create jobs. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Rep. John Larson (D-CT) joined the Summit today to discuss the importance of pro-growth policies to make manufacturers more competitive.” NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons, said, “We are happy to see his focus is on jobs and turning the economy around. This slow pace of growth is unacceptable, and we need action in Washington that will allow manufacturers to grow and create jobs. Manufacturers’ Growth Agenda can move us forward to lead our economy.” Timmons also said, “These are critical conversations because manufacturers face mounting challenges that threaten their ability to compete globally and increase the cost

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Boeing enjoys strong week at Paris Air Show

Associated Industries of Missouri congratulates AIM Circle of Elite Organizations member Boeing, which enjoyed a strong and productive Paris Air Show launching its newest model, the 787-10 Dreamliner, announcing important commercial airplane orders and strengthening alliances and relationships with customers and partners around the world. Read the company’s press release here.