At Mid-day, Tax Cut Bill Still Alive, Environmental Bill and Truck Sales Tax Exemption Passed

This is an update from Associated Industries of Missouri at the Capitol. As of 12:45 p.m., the tax cut bill, HB 1639, is still alive.  This bill has had the toughest road of any bill I have handled in recent memory.  You would not think it would take much prodding to get a bill that lowers every employers’ tax liability passed in a legislature with an overwhelming majority of elected officials that profess to be “business friendly”, but it has taken much hard work to keep this bill alive.  We still hold out hope that we can get the bill done before 6:00 p.m. today, the constitutional end of the 2012 legislative session.  If you have not done so, please contact your Senators and Representatives now (see story below this one on our blog at But we do have good news to report!  The sales tax exemption for trucks and trailers was passed in SB 470 and is on

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AIM’s Broad-Based Tax Relief Act of 2012 is STILL ALIVE – Get Involved NOW!

Associated Industries of Missouri began the legislative session by drafting a broad-based tax cut for EVERY Missouri business.  Our goal is simple: reduce taxes for employers in Missouri and the economy will respond as those employers use the extra money to hire additional employees, give employees raises, invest in capital, or other business enhancements.  This, in turn, leads to more money for the state and local governments as employees pay income taxes on their income, sales taxes are collected on their purchases, and property taxes are collected on capital improvements. Sponsoring Representative Jerry Nolte believed in the vision from the start and quickly agreed to sponsor the legislation.  The bill, HB 1639, would provide a rate reduction for corporations AND a deduction for businesses that report business income on individual returns, such as S Corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, partnerships, sole proprietors, etc.  Every business would get the same percentage cut.  Taxes would be reduced by 10% the first year, and if income

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Administrative Rules Bill Truly Agreed and Finally Passed

The Missouri legislature today approved SB 469. The bill will now be sent to the Governor for signature. The bill would require every state agency to review their administrative rules on a schedule. The purpose is to weed out rules that are no longer valid or overlap with other rules, and to be sure citizens have the most current requirements. Currently, many regulations are outdated, and citizens that are misinformed by these outdated rules can make costly mistakes. “The least state agencies can do,” said Ray McCarty, President of Associated Industries of Missouri,”is to provide taxpayers and citizens with correct and reliable rules and regulations.” Associated Industries of Missouri supported the review of state regulations.

Senate Ways and Means Approves AIM’s Tax Cut Plan for Every Missouri Business

This morning, the Senate Ways and Means Committee approved a committee substitute for HB 1639.  Committee Chairman Chuck Purgason will carry the bill in the Senate.  Representative Jerry Nolte originally sponsored and shepherded the bill through the Missouri House. Associated Industries of Missouri, NFIB, the Missouri Grocers Association and Missouri Retailers Association testified in support of the legislation at the Senate hearing yesterday. “Passage of this bill would help Missouri’s economy recover faster, by allowing Missouri’s job creators to invest their money in new employees and capital improvements,” said Ray McCarty, President of AIM. The legislative session ends Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Work Comp Bill Finally Passed to Governor

The Missouri Senate and Missouri House today truly agreed and finally passed HB 1540, a bill that addresses only the co-employee liability issue. Negotiations on the other work comp bill that addressed this issue and the occupational disease language together has not yet yielded language that is acceptable to employers, and in fact the most recent drafts were not favorable at all to employers. HB 1540, sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones, was Truly Agreed and Finally Passed by the House today. The vote was 122-29 in the House.

Nolte’s and AIM’s Broad Based Tax Relief Bill Set For Senate Hearing

Following a meeting this afternoon between Senate Ways and Means Chairman Chuck Purgason, Representative Jerry Nolte and I, Senator Purgason posted a hearing of his committee for tomorrow on HB 1639, the Broad Based Tax Relief Act of 2012. In the meeting, Senator Purgason indicated his willingness to move the part of the bill forward that would reduce the tax burden of EVERY Missouri employer by 50% over five years. “Associated Industries of Missouri applauds both Senator Purgason and Representative Nolte for their leadership in providing real tax relief for employers – employers that will be free to use the additional money to create jobs and invest in their businesses, improving the Missouri economy,” said AIM President Ray McCarty. Click here for a video that explains the bill.  The legislative session ends Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Worker’s Comp Bill Eligible for Debate on Senate Floor

This morning, Senator Chuck Purgason, Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means and Fiscal Oversight Committee, reported HB 1403 to the Missouri Senate floor. HB 1403 is the worker’s compensation bill that addresses both the occupational disease and co-employee issues. Although it currently contains language regarding the Second Injury Fund, that language will be removed in a Senate Substitute. The bill could be taken up at any time. Session ends one week from tomorrow, May 18.

Missouri Senate Back on Track

The Missouri Senate began working on a bill to increase funding for veteran’s homes today, signaling the beginning of the debate over appropriations. The appropriations bills must be passed by Friday. This is good news for other issues as well, including worker’s compensation legislation.

Senate Mired Down, Hearings on Two Important Bills, Amnesty Attached to Another Bill

When I finally stopped monitoring last night’s Senate debate at nearly 2:00 a.m. this morning, it looked like passing any bills would be a struggle.  The outlook was just as dismal today as Senate and House deliberations over the state budget continued.  When money is tight, it is much tougher to craft a budget that provides necessary services and makes the best use of taxpayer’s money.  However, there were two Senate Committee hearings and successful amendment of a Senate bill in the House that are worth mentioning. Yesterday, we told you about our refund language that allows taxpayers to seek refunds directly from the Missouri Department of Revenue in situations where the vendor chooses not to participate in the refund claim.  That bill, HB 1504, was Truly Agreed and Finally Passed and will await the Governor’s signature. Today, Rep. Tom Flanigan attached an amendment to SB 591 in the House that added tax amnesty, DOR collection procedures, AIM’s refund language and AIM’s language allowing tax cases to be

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