Deluge of labor board decisions likely as sole Democrat exits (Bloomberg Law)

Reprinted with permission from Bloomberg Law News Dec 11, 2019By Hassan A. Kanu and Robert Iafolla Five-member board’s only Democrat departs Dec. 16 Pro-business decisions expected in coming days The National Labor Relations Board is expected to be quite busy in coming days, as the agency’s sole Democratic member, Lauren McFerran, reaches the end of her term Dec. 16. The board has historically issued a flood of case decisions, both routine and major, in the final days of a member’s term. The practice was adopted in light of the agency’s unique structure—a five-seat, bipartisan panel designed so that one member’s term expires each year. McFerran’s departure will make the NLRB a Republican-only board, because the other Democratic seat has been vacant for a year. The NLRB will stick to past practice this year, and that means the 3-1 Republican majority is likely to release a series of pro-employer case rulings before McFerran departs, according to labor law practitioners and three

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St. Louis named #5 Judicial Hellhole

A new report highlights the worst local courts and states for abuses of the civil justice system, with the Top 10 Judicial Hellholes filled with widespread civil lawsuits, legislative loopholes that create more ways for lawyers to sue, and judges who allow junk science into evidence in trials. “Once again, ATRA has listed St. Louis as the fifth worst Judicial Hellhole,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We have made progress, moving down from our #1 ranking just a couple of years ago, but we obviously have much more reform necessary, including fixing the broken punitive damages process, establishing a statute of repose for manufactured products, and many more great ideas that the plaintiff’s attorney lobbyists have been killing for years. It’s time for Missouri legislators to continue their progress and make Missouri courts fairer for all parties,” he said. Plaintiffs’ lawyers flock to St. Louis City. In FY 2018, they filed 13,542 civil cases

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Register now for AIM Legislative Updates

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN JEFFERSON CITY! Don’t trust that everything that is done in Jefferson City will benefit your business. While we have had great success in lowering taxes and improving the business environment in Missouri, much of our work also prevents bad things from happening to businesses like yours. Regardless, you need information so you may be informed. Associated Industries of Missouri is pleased to present our legislative updates in a video format. Rather than conducting conference calls or webinars, we will be recording video and making it available to you frequently so you may watch on your schedule. You may watch on your phone, tablet, or computer. We will also feature interviews with legislators and other key policy makers from time-to-time. But wait…there’s more! You may now register for your area of interest and we will provide an update just on those issues! For example, if you are a human resources professional, you may

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AIM releases legislator vote ratings for 2019 Legislative Session

Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) has released vote ratings showing how legislators voted on important business issues during the 2019 Legislative Session. At Associated Industries of Missouri, we make sure your business’ voice is heard in the Missouri Capitol. We regularly testify on issues that are important to your business and our team of lobbyists helps ensure legislators know where we stand on issues. Part of the political process is holding legislators accountable for the positions they take, either for or against issues that would make Missouri a better place to do business. Equally important is helping to stop the regular assault on employers by trial attorneys and others. Not every vote rating system is the same, so we want to explain how we rated legislators’ votes in the following pages. We assemble the most important issues in each legislative session, assign a value based on the importance of that issue, and a legislator receives points if they voted in

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Feds investigate UAW corruption – former leader resigns union membership

It has been a tough few months for several United Auto Workers union leaders, to say the least. Former UAW President Gary Jones and a top aide have been accused of conspiring to embezzle more than $700,000 in member dues and splitting the money. Also, criminal charges have been filed against Edward “Nick” Robinson of St. Louis, president of a regional UAW community action program council conspiring to embezzle union funds and conspiracy to defraud the federal government. Jones announced last week he would resign his membership in the UAW, having already been removed as the union’s leader. You can read more about both stories in the Detroit News here and here. Associated Industries of Missouri backed a bill that would have allowed union members to decide whether they should support their union with their dues. The “right to work” legislation, after it was passed by the legislature, was referred to voters following a successful signature campaign led by union

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